ForumTopic is a subsidiary of the design studio Stijl (stijl.com) an exclusive dedicated department to manage company owned and client community bulletin boards. Our team is actively developing new communities for niche interests and building new exciting properties for clients.

Dedicated to creating quality true interest community forums with software that has survived the test of time and offers superior UX for members and owner support.  Individuals, clubs, educational, retail and corporates who would benefit from true social media interaction use our services, modest to lush budgets are offered without loss of quality, service or support. We especially enjoy working with individuals and single-person companies bringing them the opportunity to afford a uniquely designed well written community thats easy to maintain and offers outstanding online presence.

The community forum is an important tool for true niche one on one social interaction, a must for product support and focused topics that demand a global audience.

The team at ForumTopic only works with the best forum software available which spans mutiple levels of budget and popularity in turn, awards a community owner top shelf service and support from the authors of their forums core software.

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